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Here’s Xiaomi’s voice assistant, Xiao AI

Xiaomi has uploaded an English-subtitled video demonstrating Xiao AI, a voice assistant built specifically for Xiaomi phones. As you’ll see, it’s pretty similar in scope to the likes of Siri and Google Assistant, but is clearly tailored for the Chinese market with hooks into WeChat and so on.

Xiao AI is preloaded on the new Mi Mix 2S, according to a Xiaomi spokesperson, and can also now be used on other Xiaomi phones with an update to the Chinese version of the MIUI software.

For now, Xiao AI isn’t coming to India or any of the other regions outside China where Xiaomi has a strong presence. While Xiaomi did recently announce a partnership with Microsoft that at some point may include integrating the Cortana voice assistant with the Mi AI Speaker, that doesn’t appear to cover phones. Instead, Xiaomi phones in India can use Google Assistant, which of course isn’t available in China at all but does now work in Hindi as well as English.

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