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How to use Google Pay

Recently, Google has been busy updating the Google Pay app to support desktops, on top of its well-known mobile support. Nowadays, Google Pay is supported at most major markets, gas stations, and department stores. Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment system, developed by Google for phones, watches, and desktops.

Despite all of its capabilities, setting up a Google Pay profile is rather straightforward.

What do I need to set up Google Pay?

Firstly, you need a debit / credit card / PayPal account, a supported Google Pay device (non-rooted Android phones using KitKat 4.4 and up, Wear OS watch, or a PC / Mac), an Internet connection, and finally, a Google account.

Unfortunately, Google Pay isn’t supported on iOS devices for in-store payments. However, you can download and use G Pay Send, which allows you to send and receive payments using Google Pay, similar to apps like Square Cash and Venmo.

How do I add cards to Google Pay?

To start off on mobile, download the Google Pay app from the Play Store on Android. From there, sign in to the G Pay app and begin adding your preferred card(s). First tap on the “Cards” selection on the lower right, then tap on the blue plus sign — from there you can take a picture of your card and have Google add it for you, or manually enter it in.

If you want to use G Pay on the web, look for websites with a “Buy with G Pay” badge and control all your card information from the Google Pay account page.

Where can I use Google Pay?

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In the real world, you can use Google Pay just about anywhere you see a credit card terminal with these symbols. From there, all you need to do is move your phone or watch up to the terminal’s contact point, then wait for the blue check mark indicating your Google Pay account info has been received.

If I can’t pay in-store with an iPhone, what can I do with G Pay?

There’s only one current workaround to using G Pay with an iPhone and that requires a paired and supported Wear OS watch (with NFC chip). Otherwise, you can only send and receive payments between G Pay users.

Can I use boarding passes, event tickets, rewards cards, etc.?

Yes, you can. However, these have to be supported by whoever provided them. You can see a full list of supported services here.

Is Google Pay secure?

For those of you worrying about merchants having your credit card number when you tap to pay, here’s how Google protects your info: a temporary, encrypted number is shared with merchants, never the actual number.

If you lose your phone altogether, the Android Device Manager can be accessed from any computer that you sign into with your Google account. From there, you can lock, locate, or remotely wipe your phone and all of its contents.

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