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I wish this ‘80s Westworld credits sequence was a real show

Yes, retro remakes of TV series credits are definitely a thing — you can watch Game of Thrones as ‘80s fantasy, Breaking Bad as a ‘90s sitcom, and any other number of similar works. Implicitly, though, their joke is often “What if this slick modern show were recut with yesteryear’s hokey clichés?” (And, even more implicitly, “One day, our slick modern shows will betray their own hokey clichés.”)

This Westworld credits sequence reimagining is not that. It’s an unequivocally artistic, lovingly nostalgic reframing of the series, created by artist Tom Gosling. I’ll admit some mild consternation that Gosling chose the ‘80s as his era instead of the early ‘70s, when the original Westworld film was released. But go ahead and glory in the trippy wireframe graphics and the synth remix of Westworld’s opening theme, and imagine the weird cyberpunk Western that we got in some alternate universe.

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