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If you're not PowerPuffing yourself, you're not living

Let us pull you out of the muck that is April Fools’ day. Cartoon Network unveiled a weird and fun thing that will give you the power to get through April 1st by turning yourself into a Powerpuff Girl.

There are plenty of customization options that let you choose the hair, what you’re wearing, the accessories you’re holding onto, and it even let’s add things like facial hair and blush.

Here are a couple examples straight from the Racked staff:

That’s me: Cam Wolf, news writer. DO I EVEN SKATE, THO? No.

Here’s senior editor Meredith Haggerty, who was able to dress her Powerpuff avatar in the exact same thing she’s wearing IRL today. Who wore it best? The background is undeniably the coolest. What is up for debate, though, is whether or not those are freckles or mustache stubble on the face.

Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s our new engagement editor Annemarie Dooling. Fittingly, she’s toting around a cell phone because she’s ~always connected~.

Fashion hasn’t been afraid to show it’s love for the cartoon. Jeremy Scott’s Moschino released a Powerpuff Girl collection and Allure‘s EIC Michelle Lee is one of the first industry figures to get in on the action.

And just for fun, here’s Karl Lagerfeld, because it’s hilarious.

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