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I’m not mad about these McDonald’s fitness trackers

You know what I always think to myself? We don’t have enough fitness trackers. And now, McDonald’s is getting into the fitness tracking game, but for kids. The fast food chain is temporarily replacing its Happy Meal toys in the US and Canada with wearables. How fun. The trackers are really more of a pedometer because they only count a wearer’s steps. They come in six colors and blink depending on how fast a person is walking. The Verge‘s own Andrew Liptak visited a local McDonald’s establishment with his son recently. His Happy Meal came with the wearable and apparently the bracelet counted a step if it was bumped slightly. It’s not the most accurate counter.

Stil, no hate, McDonald’s. Your plastic toys might have been more fun, but fitness trackers are a practical, useful treat as long as your child doesn’t care about accuracy or fitness. Gadgets.

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