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In this harrowing exclusive clip from 2:22, precognition and air travel don’t mix well

It’s pretty well known that airlines prefer not to show in-flight movies featuring air disasters or near-disasters, so they’re certainly going to want to avoid Paul Currie’s 2:22, a supernatural thriller about an air-traffic controller whose ability to visualize strange patterns in the world pulls him into a mystery based in time, numbers, and eerie coincidence. But first, it distracts him at a crucial moment, leading to a near-disaster that no one’s going to want to watch on a plane. Here’s an exclusive clip from the movie:

2:22 clip courtesy of Magnet Releasing

Michiel Huisman, (Game Of Thrones’ second, better Daario Naharis) stars as Dylan Branson, a savant with a Beautiful Mind-esque talent for seeing how things converge and unite in the world around him. When he starts experiencing repetitive events at 2:22 every day — repeated words and behavior from people around him, malfunctions and explosions in public places — he tries to unravel a mystery built around Sarah (Hacksaw Ridge co-star Teresa Palmer) who appears in this clip as a passenger on a plane that nearly crashes under Dylan’s watch. It’s a psychological drama in the vein of the 2008 Anne Hathaway movie Passengers or the 2004 Christian Bale feature The Machinist, where eerie occurrences in the world point toward a larger pattern the protagonists need to understand.

2:22 is out in limited theatrical release June 30th, and is simultaneously premiering on VOD services, including iTunes and VUDU.

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