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Instagram just made posting photos and videos way easier for iPhone owners

Now that everyone seems to have gotten over the collective freak out regarding Instagram’s new app icon, the company is back to providing minor improvements and small tweaks to spruce up the experience. Starting today, Instagram users on iOS can share photos and videos without ever having to open the app, according to 9to5Mac. Thanks to an iOS extension first made available in 2014, Instagram version 8.2 enables image sharing from within Apple’s native Photos app and even other third-party apps.

You can also include a caption, but you’ll need to open the full Instagram app if you’d like to filter the photo in any way. To find the feature, tap on the share button when viewing a photo and scroll to the far right of the second column, where you should see a “more” option. From there, you can activate Instagram sharing.

It’s not a hugely important change, but it does make posting to Instagram about as easy as possible for iPhone owners. It also alters the context of an Instagram post in unique way, giving users the ability to post without asking them to laboriously pore over filters and edits. It’s not quite at Snapchat-levels of carefree sharing, but it’s certainly a much-welcomed option if you’d like to start building a more active feed.

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