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Is this the new GoPro Hero 6 Black?

GoPro’s Hero 6 Black action camera is slated for release this fall, and a new photo purportedly leaked to Photo Rumors shows a similar compact design to the Hero 5. Specs on the product box photographed show the Hero 6 shoots at 12-megapixels with 4K60 video and is water resistant for up to 33 feet. Shooting at 4K at 60fps is a notable upgrade because the resulting video is smoother at regular speed and has less blur in slow motion. That’s a step up from the Hero 5 and the Hero 5 Session, which both only shoot at 4K at 30fps (4K30).

The difference is illustrated in the video below:

GoPro’s business has been losing money and it has cut a large number of its staff since last year, but the company seems to finally be turning things around. GoPro said in August that its Hero 5 Black model was the best-selling digital camera in the US for three straight quarters, with the Hero 5 Session right behind it. If the new Hero 6 Black can continue this momentum, the company just might make it back to profitability by the end of 2017. The Hero 6 camera has a rumored announcement date of September 28.

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