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Ixoost's $21,000 speaker is the sickest Lambo I've ever seen

As anyone knows, the pinnacle achievement for any vehicle is to be a sick Lambo. Whether a motorized arm chair, or an amphibious faux-Lamborghini Countach, any car can be a “sick Lambo” if it has enough spirit, drive, and confidence.

But did you know that speakers can also be sick Lambos? I refer you to the Ixoost EsaVox speaker, which embraces the Lamborghini brand like no other gadget ever has.

Sure, you can get Porsche Design convertible laptops and keyboards if merely sharing the name of a luxury car brand is all your electronics aspire to. But the EsaVox is actually crafted out of authentic Lamborghini parts, featuring an original Lamborghini exhaust. The rest of the speaker is heavily inspired by Lamborghini’s design style as well, including a power switch shaped like the push button starter that actual Lamborghinis have.

Inside the carbon fiber and wood housing are some actual speaker components, of course, with two 1-inch tweeters, two full-range 6.5-inch drivers, two 8-inch woofers, and one 15-inch subwoofer providing the sound. The EsaVox features Bluetooth 4.0 and an RCA audio connector for playing music. And like its namesake automobile, the EsaVox comes in black, orange, red, and yellow colors.

However, the Lamborghini-inspired speaker comes at a Lamborghini-level price, costing €19,900 — approximately $21,211 dollars —enough money to buy an actual car. But it wouldn’t be a sick Lambo, now would it?

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