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Kids' App of the Week: Dr. Seuss’s ABC – Read & Learn

Oceanhouse Media’s “Read & Learn” series continues to expand with another solid title that mixes classic Dr. Seuss illustrations with solid, playful early reading activities.

Content includes 26 letter-themed screens, with touch-and-hear text and illustrations that hide a star on each screen. When you find the star, you get to play a “game” that might involve identifying the lower-case letters in a group, or identifying pictures that go with letter sounds.

The parent or teacher options let you toggle on/off the vamping background music, the learning activities, news and alerts about new apps on the home screen, and the picture words feature. So definitely use them. There’s also an auto-play feature that gives you control over the rate of page turns.  Missing is the ability to record your own narration, a feature found in earlier Oceanhouse Media titles.

This app is the third “Read & Learn” title, following The Cat in the Hat – Read & Learn and Green Eggs and Ham Read & Learn. These apps cost more but do more. The difference is marked by the “Read & Learn” at the end of the title.  If you don’t see these words, you’re likely to get the 2010 edition of Dr. Seuss’s ABC, without the extra phonics activities.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC – Read & Learn

For iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Kindle
Ages: 2 to 5

Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D., is editor of CTREX (Children’s Technology Review Exchange), a professional subscription-only database for teachers, parents and librarians. Have a look at www.ctrex.us. This review of Dr. Seuss’s ABC – Read & Learn originally appeared in CTREX.

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