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Kodi wants to turn your Raspberry Pi into a tiny media center

Remember XBMC, or as it was known even longer ago, Xbox Media Center? It’s been over a decade since the open-source software was used to turn the original Xbox into a media hub, but the software is still alive and well. It’s continued along under a new name, Kodi, and works on Windows, OS X, and Linux, with remote apps on iOS and Android.

In all that time, Kodi / XBMC has always been a software-only project, meant to let you turn various pieces of hardware into a media box. But this week, the nonprofit behind Kodi unveiled its “very first piece of hardware ever” — a Raspberry Pi case.

kodi case-news-Kodi


That might sound like a bit of a letdown, but it’s in keeping with the spirit of the project. The case, which costs $19.95, lets you turn the super cheap Raspberry Pi into an attractive — but still cheap! — media center. It’s primarily made out of aluminum, and the case is supposed to help keep the Pi cool, as well. Kodi says the aluminum essentially functions as a heat sink; there are also built-in ventilation slots along the bottom of the case.

The case is a limited edition, though Kodi says it might make another batch if demand is strong. It also intends to donate an unspecified percentage of all sales to cancer research.

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