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Leaked PlayStation 4 slim images emerge online

Not long after Microsoft’s Xbox One S hit stores, Sony will be releasing its own slimmed down version of its gaming console. Pictures of the updated PlayStation 4 console have appeared in an online auction, showing off some changes to the device, including what appears to be a matte finish.

The seller provided The Verge with some images of the console, which show off a slimmer version of the PS4, with rounded corners. Pictures of the packaging show that this particular model has a 500 GB hard drive, and it appears to be a European model. Posters at the gaming forum NeoGAF have also provided photos comparing this “slim” model with the original PS4.

Sony is expected to debut a new version of the console on September 7th, codenamed Neo. It’s not clear if this is the 4K PS4 version, or it is simply an slim update to the existing model.

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