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LG's home robot wants to be your future butler

LG showed off a cadre of consumer robots today. It’s LG Hub is similar to Amazon’s Alexa, a stationary unit that is controlled by your voice. But it has more personality, adding an animated face and swiveling to look at whoever its talking to. It looks and feels a lot like the Jibo robot that was unveiled two years ago.

Beyond playing music and looking up the weather, it also acts a command and control unit for a number of different LG appliances. At its presentation onstage at CES this morning, LG showed the Hub bot pre-heating a connected oven, turning on your robotic vacuum, and controlling your autonomous lawnmower.

The Hub bot is consumer facing, but LG also showed off a larger version of the same robot that it hopes to deploy in airports and hotels. That robot can move around, answer questions, and provide directions.

LG emphasized that these new units would run cutting edge AI that would allow them to learn about their owners and carry on conversations. We’ll have more details and a hands on soon, so stayed tuned.

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