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Lomography is making an instant camera that uses square Instax film

Lomography has announced the Lomo Instant Square, an instant camera that uses Fujifilm’s newly developed square Instax format. While Fujifilm launched Instax Square film alongside the SQ10, a weird digital-analog hybrid camera, the Lomo Instant Square is as analog as you’d expect.

Square film is, of course, more evocative of classic Polaroids than the typical credit card-sized rectangular Instax photos. And unsurprisingly, Lomography is going full retro with the Lomo Instant Square — it even has a foldable bellows design to get the lens into position. That lens is 95mm, or 45mm-equivalent, and there’s an extra portrait lens attachment available.

I reviewed the original Lomo Instant a couple of years ago, and while I found it to be more fun and versatile than Fujifilm’s Instax Mini, it lost out on image quality. This time around the comparison will be a little less direct, however, as Lomography’s effort is actually the first legitimate analog camera to use square Instax film. And the Lomo Instant Square has a programmed automatic mode that might make it more reliable than its predecessor.

The Lomo Instant will sell for $199 at retail, but it’s just launched on Kickstarter with early-bird pricing starting at $129. Lomography has been around for decades and just uses Kickstarter to promote most of its new products these days, so you can be more confident in this crowdfunding campaign than most. The company plans to ship orders in February next year.

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