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Michelle Obama made a Valentine’s Day playlist for President Obama called ‘Forever Mine’

Valentine’s Day on the internet can often feel like a competition to see who’s loved the most, and by noon, everyone’s seen enough red roses flaunted on Instagram to be like, “Enough!” But just when you thought it was time to quit Twitter, Michelle Obama tweeted a link this morning to a special Valentine’s Day playlist for her “one and only,” Barack Obama. It’s enough to melt the hearts of the most jaded cynics. And honestly, if Valentine’s Day was a competition, Michelle and Barack Obama would win hands down, and nobody would mind.

Everything from the name of the playlist, “Forever Mine,” to the bit.ly link (“ObamaVday”) is perfect, and the playlist is filled with romantic classics (Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”) to modern EDM jams (Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love”). Etta James’ “At Last,” the song they danced to at the 2009 Inauguration Ball, is on here. So is Beyoncé, who sang the “At Last” cover in this video, which I come back to watch at least once a year for my annual cry.

Not all the choices are unimpeachable. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is on the list, which… Questionable, but fair. But why is Coldplay’s “Fix You” included? As far as I know, there’s nothing to fix about their relationship, unless this message is directed toward the current administration. There’s a lot to fix there.

Listen through her thoughtfully curated playlist all day and believe in the power of love again.

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