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Microsoft might be rethinking how users interact with Cortana

Cortana might be getting a makeover. Two separate reports today from Thurrott and Windows Central mention the possibility of a changed UI for Cortana that’ll make it more conversational. Generally, both stories allude to the idea that Microsoft is trying to make it easier to both discover and regularly interact with its virtual assistant.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft is producing a more conversational UI for Cortana that’ll resemble Google Assistant on Android. Although users can already type a question to Cortana, the new interface might more closely resemble a texting conversation, like Allo. These written responses could be accompanied by a voice reply. Voice input will still exist, as well.

Meanwhile, Thurrott says that in addition to making its interface more conversational, Microsoft is considering relocating the assistant in Windows 10 to the system tray, near the clock. This would make it harder for users to hide the assistant. We don’t have confirmation or a release date for these features.

Microsoft released a test version of Windows 10 yesterday, which included changes to Cortana. It can set reminders by scanning images (with your permission) for things like events. So if you take a photo of a poster, Cortana can then create a reminder from it. Cortana also has a new lasso feature that lets stylus users circle content to create reminders for things like movies.

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