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Netgear made an Orbi router for your yard

If you find yourself frustrated by buffering videos because of a weak Wi-Fi signal while you’re relaxing in your backyard, Netgear has you covered with an outdoor router called the Orbi Outdoor Satellite. The new Orbi extends coverage to outside your house by up to 2,500 square feet, and has the same capabilities as Orbi’s Whole Home Wi-Fi System, including a single network name, a dedicated channel for data exchange between the satellite and main router, and a separate guest Wi-Fi network. It also features guest and employee traffic separation and a separate admin network if you need it.

The satellites are weather-resistant (including resistance to dust, water, and sub-zero temperatures), and can stand on their own or be mounted on a wall. They also have an ambient night light, which you can schedule to have the device switch its lights on or off. The device requires an existing Orbi Home Wi-Fi system, or the Orbi Pro Tri-Band Wi-Fi System for Small Businesses to work. If your yard is rather big, multiple Orbi Outdoor Satellites can be used to expand coverage.

Netgear first introduced the multi-unit router called Orbi in 2016 as a combination of a router, range extender, and software that can blanket 4,000 square feet of space with a single Wi-Fi network. Router companies have increasingly introduced multi-unit systems as a way to blanket larger homes in strong Wi-Fi. The Orbi Outdoor Satellite is available now at major retailers for $329.99.

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