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New haunted houses plan to scare you before you even arrive

Here at The Verge, we love Halloween and everything about it. Horror moviesnon-horror seasonal movies, seasonal beveragesseasonal botsthis Pumpkin Guyhorrifying makeup tutorials, poop-shaped candy — bring it on. In particular, we love to be scared. It gives us a sweet little adrenaline burst to get us across the daunting dark tundra of November to April.

This Hallo-season, senior entertainment reporter Bryan Bishop has embarked on a journey to find the most immersive, creative, and high-tech scares in all of Los Angeles. In a new series called “The Future of Fear,” he’s taking us where were are too chicken to go (or maybe just to stuck on the East Coast). These aren’t your grandma’s haunted houses (although Bryan and I will both stan for the original Haunted Mansion at Disney World, may it live forever).

I love Halloween so much I took over the seat usually warmed by your friendly neighborhood What’s Tech host Chris Plante. You can’t tell from the audio, but I wore a blazer to the recording because I take Halloween very seriously! Bryan told me about all the terrible things he’s subjected himself to this fall, and it was delightful even while it shook me to my core. Basically, it’s a haunted house of a podcast and don’t listen to it before bed.

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