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Nike says it’s ‘actively working’ to fix its broken smart sneakers

Nike says that a fix is in the works for its broken Adapt BB smart sneakers, days after an Android update rendered some of them unusable.

The $350 Adapt BB went on sale this past weekend, and users started reporting issues soon after. Some report that either the left or right sneaker fails to pair after attempting to update them through the companion Android app. That means the sneaker can’t be tightened or properly worn. Some users say the update caused the motor to stop functioning, too, so even the physical buttons don’t work.

A Nike spokesperson told The Verge, “We are seeing isolated connectivity issues related to the setup of the Nike Adapt BB and are actively working to resolve it. If a consumer experiences this, we encourage them to contact Nike Consumer Services.”

For the time being, the shoes can sometimes be fixed with a hard reset, which involves holding down sneakers’ two buttons. The shoes should be able to pair again after that. The issue doesn’t appear to be affecting iOS users.

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