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Nokia N95 8G

The superb Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8G will alter the way you think about mobile phones. They have the usual stuff that you’d expect from a modern mobile phone, but much of it is better, and the Nokia N95 8G version has a massive 8GB of storage.

Both the Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8G come with an auto-focus 5 MegaPixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, digital zoom and a flash all of which ensures that the picture and video quality is simply excellent. You can select a style of scene that you want to capture and also change the colour tones to whatever you prefer for your photo or video clip. The Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8G make it all so simple. There’s a crystal clear 2.6 inch screen which allows you to watch DVD quality video and, with some networks, it’s shipped with the Spiderman 3 movie installed!

The Nokia N95 and the N95 8G come equipped with a host of multimedia features, including a stereo FM radio and a visual radio and music player which supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ & WMA music formats. You can use the music playing features when the phone’s screen is in the slide down position, allowing you to view the music information in landscape mode. The Nokia N95 has been manufactured with high quality & ease of use in mind.

The built in web browser and email system allows you to keep up to date with those important messages and they support file attachments in popular file formats. The phone has an IM client which means that you can have an online conversation with other instant messaging contacts as though you’re having an online chat from your computer, complete with text & symbols. The Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8G come with voice features which include voice dialling, a voice recorder for recording a reminder or memorandum and voice commands. It also has GPS built in so you need never get lost again!

With built in WiFi and BlueTooth, this is an excellent phone which does much more than just let you make and receive calls. There isn’t a lot that this phone can’t do, whether it’s for business or pleasure. The Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8G could easily replace your mp3 player and your digital camera.

Source by Andy Hargreaves

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