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One of Nintendo’s new Joy-Con color schemes is basically Waluigi-themed

On the same day as it announced its updated Switch console, Nintendo has also revealed a pair of new Joy-Con color options. One sports a combination of blue and neon yellow, and the other is neon purple and neon orange, giving it exactly the same color scheme as Waluigi, the single biggest scumbag in Nintendo’s character lineup.

If you think Waluigi’s color scheme is just purple, then I implore you to look closer at his feet, where you’ll see that he’s wearing what appears to be a pointy pair of orange elf boots. At a push, the purple Joy-Con could make them Wario-themed, but the clashing color scheme just makes them feel more like Waluigi overall.

There’s less of an obvious character influence for the blue and yellow combination, although one Twitter user has pointed out that they have the same color scheme as Buck Bumble, the eponymous protagonist of the Nintendo 64 game. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has put out a neon yellow Joy-Con, although last time it wasn’t paired with blue (which is new).

The two new Joy-Con colors will be available from October 4th for $79.99. Pricing or availability for other regions is yet to be announced. The new color schemes join Nintendo’s existing lineup of Joy-Con colors, which include a Splatoon-themed pink and green set, and of course a pair of bright red Mario-themed Joy-Con.

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