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OneCast brings Xbox One game streaming to Macs

Windows 10 users have been able to stream Xbox One games to their computers since 2015, but Mac owners have been sadly left out of the fun unless they go through extensive workarounds with apps like Parallels or install a Windows partition on Boot Camp. Now, a new app called OneCast claims to solve that issue and enable Mac users to stream games from their Xbox One just like their Windows 10 counterparts, via 9to5Mac.

I briefly tried out OneCast, and it works like it says on the box. I have no idea how it’s managing to work, but it seems to be using the same built-in streaming system that Microsoft users have for the official Xbox streaming on PC. Setup was as simple as installing a driver for the Xbox One controller and logging in with my Microsoft account, and I was up and running with a game of Battlefront II.

Performance was pretty good, but resolution would occasionally glitch out. At one point, my connection froze for a crucial few seconds, but even in the hectic multiplayer space battles of Battlefront II, things just worked. (I did experience the app crashing at one point.) I don’t know if I’d recommend it for high-paced shooters where reaction times are critical — a match of Overwatch was less successful — but it seemed more or less on par with the kind of latency that Microsoft’s official app offers.

OneCast offers a free 14-day trial, so you can give the service a shot and see how it works yourself. After, it’ll cost users $9.99 for a license, discounted from the full price of $20. I would add a note of caution here, though: OneCast isn’t an official Microsoft app, and whatever workaround the company is doing to mimic the real Xbox service could potentially be blocked at any time. The fact that the app isn’t free only adds to the possibility that Microsoft could shut down the service.

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