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Oscars 2016: What is this thank-you ticker on my screen?

The 88th Academy Awards show has begun, and you might have noticed something different this year: a very fast ticker of on-screen names while the winners walked to the stage. Yes, it’s definitely a first, and yes, it’s gonna be happening all night.

Earlier this month, Academy Awards producers Reginald Hudlin and David Hill announced the on-screen ticker and asked all nominees to submit a list of people that should show up in the scroll. The goal is to eliminate the oral portion of namechecking the friends, family, and industry members who’d help the winners get to this point, so that the speeches can focus on something more personal, unique, and frankly entertaining to everyone watching. Some other benefits:

  • It’s much easier to share a thank-you on twitter via screencap
  • It should also save dozens of sheets of paper — yay to being eco friendly!
  • On that note, no need to choose an outfit based on the need for pockets.
  • Hopefully more downtime for the orchestra to play Candy Crush (or its variants like Soda Crush and Jelly Crush)
  • There’s a slightly larger chance the show will end on time
  • Now winners can hold a statuette and vape at the same time

Whether or not the speeches this year are interesting without falling back on verbal listicles remains to be seen, but hey, these are creatives — surely they’ll think of something.

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