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Pogue's Basics: Take control of the new iOS 10 features

If you’ve just installed iOS 10, you’re probably wigging out a little bit.

“What!? The phone wakes up simply when I pick it up!?”

“What? Anyone can respond to my texts just by picking up my phone?”

“What!? My mail conversations are listed in chronological order instead of upside down like always?”

Fear not: All these are optional.

If you like it the old way, I’ll show you.

First: Recent iPhone models now wake up when you pick up the phone. I find it handy — quick checks of the time or your missed messages — but if you prefer the old way:

Open Settings -> Display & Brightness, and turn off Raise to Wake.

Second: You can prevent bad guys from responding to your texts just by picking up your phone. Open Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, and turn off Reply With Message.

Third: Mail now shows your conversation threads like a screenplay: from oldest to newest. It’s logical, but it may throw you. If you like the upside-down way better, open Settings -> Mail -> Most Recent Message on Top.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Oh, thank you, Pogue, for taking the frustration out of the new iOS! You’re a god! Thank you. But I don’t like having to unlock the phone by clicking the Home button! How do I go back to unlocking by swiping my finger?

Unfortunately, on that one, I can’t help you; there’s no setting for that. Even a god can only go so far.

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