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Poll: How's that VR headset working out for you?

Now that your belly is stuffed, it’s time to satiate that other yawning chasm of desire. Today’s “Black Friday,” as the natives call it, which means that many Americans are now in their underwear busily filling their online shopping carts with gifts galore. Many Verge readers are undoubtedly taking advantage of the $100 discount on the HTC Vive, bringing the headset’s cost down to $699. Savings that can then be spent in Viveport where you’ll also find discounted titles.

The Vive first started shipping in April, a few weeks after the Oculus Rift, but well before Sony’s PlayStation VR headset which just started shipping last month. That makes today’s discount notable as the first amongst 2016’s high-end VR headsets.

That got me to thinking: now that the honeymoon is over, now that many of you have real-world experience inside the hype cycle — I wonder whether the promise of high-end consumer VR for the living room has met your expectations. Would you recommend one? Potential buyers would certainly benefit from your wisdom today.

So, without further ado…

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