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PSA: Ubisoft is giving away Beyond Good and Evil for free this week

Beyond Good and Evil is a video gaming gem, originally released in 2003 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It’s a third-person action-adventure game that manages to blend numerous gameplay styles — everything from puzzles and stealth, to Zelda-like dungeons and Pokémon Snap-style photo collection. And from October 12th, Ubisoft is giving it away as a free download — all part of the French company’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

As with previous Ubisoft giveaways (including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), you have to sign up to the free Ubisoft Club to qualify and then play the title via the company’s Uplay platform. That might be a little annoying if you’re not already signed up (and we should also note that Beyond Good and Evil is only $9.99 on Steam) but hey, a free game is a free game. Plus, with hope for a long-rumored, long-delayed sequel rekindled lately with some Instagram posts, playing the original is a good way to get prepared for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 hype train.

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