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Razer teases smartphone announcement on November 1st

When Razer bought Nextbit, the question of whether or not the gaming hardware company would be releasing a phone quickly changed from “if” to “when.” And now, the company seems to be gearing up for an announcement on November 1st, if the teaser posted to Twitter by the Razer account, which shows a man holding what appears to be a smartphone-shaped device in his hands, is anything to go by (first spotted by 9to5Google).

Given that it’s a Razer device, it’s probable that the company’s smartphone will share a similar focus on gaming, and given the Nextbit acquisition, it may feature some of that company’s cloud-based infrastructure, too. And if the tease from Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan is anything to go by, the familiar acid-green Razer snake logo will be making an appearance, too.

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