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Review: Oculus Rift

Its hard to imagine a phrase more loaded than “the Oculus Rift is here.” While people have been talking and writing about the virtual-reality headset since 2012, it’s always qualified with words like “developer kit” or “prototype” or “pre-release version.” Well, forget qualification: Nearly four years after it made people finally start believing in VR, the Oculus Rift is showing up at people’s houses starting today.

Oculus Rift



The long-promised virtual reality headset is finally here, in a remarkably well-made and accessible device. Built-in 3-D audio makes the VR experiences that much more riveting. Positional tracking adds a layer of reality smartphone-powered headsets can’t match. Once you download the installer, setup is easy. Appropriately padded and well balanced, it’s comfortable to wear for long sessions.


Many of the coolest-looking games aren’t here yet. You’ll just have to wait. Same with the controllers. Also, since it requires a pricey VR-ready PC, you’re likely laying out more than the $600 just for the headset. All of these things are typical of early-adopter hardware, and none of them really matter if you consider this an investment for the future.