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Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 600 (PS4/Xbox One)

For more than a year, I put up with the crappy headset that came with my PlayStation 4. It was the gaming headset equivalent of those terrible $5 Gumy earbuds you see hanging by the dozen in Walmart. Sometimes, I couldn’t hear my friends at all, and my microphone cut out so many times I lost count. Eventually, the tiny plastic fiend died. As annoying as that was, the broken headset forced me to realize how much I hated playing with it.

I’ve used a few other headsets since, but the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Gaming Headset impressed me more than most. At $100, this set is cheaper than many top headsets, but has a leg up on many of them. Often, “wireless” console headsets still require you to plug them into a controller, but not here. This is a completely wireless over-ear headset—you’re sans cables until it comes time to charge the battery.

The Stealth 600s sound sensational and feel fantastic, but it takes a lot more alliteration to describe how freeing it is to just turn on a headset and go. If you’ve never ducked out for snacks between Overwatch matches while remaining completely connected, you’re missing out. A good frolic to the fridge is worth its weight in loot boxes.