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Rogue One’s Diego Luna would totally French kiss Jabba the Hutt

Diego Luna, aka Rogue One’s Captain Cassian Andor, really, really wants to touch Jabba the Hutt. As demonstrated in this fantastic montage by Twitter user @tolkienianjedi, Luna has brought up the subject of pushing some Huttese podge in at least half a dozen interviews, saying he’s “obsessed” with the idea and that the “texture of Jabba is something I need to discover.”

Luna is obviously completely correct in his desires: what does Jabba feel like exactly? On a scale of “frost-hardened memory foam mattress” to “plastic bag full of stolen gas,” exactly how wobbly and/or squishy is our big murderous slug boy? In this short film discussing the creation of Jabba for the original trilogy we can see the foam the puppet is made from, and its solidity seems to vary — the hands squish like empty rubber gloves, but the belly and neck are more reinforced. Whichever part you grab, though, at least it’d be more satisfying than trying to get a hold of the immaterial CGI Jabba.

As for Luna’s unfulfilled desires, well, the Star Wars universe is large and at the time Cassian Andor is around it’s possible that Jabba is too. Maybe some sort of buddy movie could be arranged? Andor and Jabba: Rebels United, that sort of thing. Franchises have been built on less.

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