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Roomba now supports IFTTT functionality

iRobot has been continuously adding ways to make Roomba a more necessary part of connected homes since introducing the Roomba 980, its first Wi-Fi-connected model in 2015. Now, it’s introduced IFTTT functionality, adding 11 applets to further automate Roomba’s work around your home, as spotted by TechCrunch.

The functions range from actually practical to why. As of now, the most popular ones are the most practical, like “When I answer a call, pause Roomba,” and “When I leave home, start a cleaning job.” Unsurprisingly, no one as of yet has chosen to add “Post a Tweet when Roomba finishes a cleaning job.”

IFTTT — short for “if this, then that” — was created as a simple way to connect different internet services together for automated processes. For example, there are applets that let you tweet your Instagram photos as natively embedded images instead of an Instagram link, or automatically turn on your Hue lights at sunset. It’s a way to simplify and create one-button shortcuts for some of your most-used web interactions.

In the quest to make the cleaning robots as connected as possible, both Alexa and Google Home integration were added to Roomba earlier this year, and also came under some backlash when it was discovered that iRobot would consider sharing the maps that Roomba creates as it cleans around your home. The CEO later clarified that customers will retain complete control over if and how their data is shared.

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