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Samsung Pay might copy Venmo's social feed

Samsung filed a patent in Korea this past year for a social story sharing feature using Samsung Pay. The patent, which SamMobile first spotted, explains how users can share their legitimate purchases and maybe even rate the places they frequent. Samsung also discusses working with celebrities to launch the stories feature. The update sounds similar to Venmo’s feeds in which users can share their money exchanges with the world.

The key difference between Samsung’s proposed feed and Venmo’s existing one is that Samsung suggests using it to advertise restaurants or other establishments that accept Samsung Pay. Venmo’s feed primarily exists for exposing who you’re sending money to and why. The company’s public feed originally existed as a way to publicize the service and raise awareness, as Venmo product lead Melanie Aliperti explained to The Verge, which may be why Samsung feels it needs social media. Still, we have no date on when or if Samsung will release this feature.

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