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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 comes with a free Galaxy Tab A tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB of internal storage is $1,049, and it comes with a free Galaxy Tab A tablet with purchase for a limited time. This phone, sans bundle, retails for $1,249, though it can usually be found for around $1,100. The 128GB model currently costs $999 bundled with the tablet, though if you need more space for music, movies, and games, paying an extra $50 is a tiny premium that quadruples the amount of storage that you’ll get.

The Note 9 is still a solid value when it comes to hardware. In his review, Verge senior reviews editor Dan Seifert says that the Note 9 “gives the most more of any Note phone. It has the biggest screen, the fastest processor, the biggest battery, the largest storage, and the most features.” Where it stumbles is with software; it’s still running Android Oreo, which is inexcusable for a major phone from a major player in 2019. Samsung will likely bring its One UI update to the Note 9 before the Galaxy S10 releases, but the rollout process has been slow.

The 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet that comes included in this bundle won’t match the Note 9’s performance, though, as a freebie, it’s better than most bundles. The tablet, which currently retails for $327.99, features a 1920 x 1200 display, should be able to handle most tasks with its octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. It’s good to have a bigger screen if you want to read, and this could also make a nice gift.

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