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Snapchat lets Giphy back onto its platform after racist GIF incident

Snapchat has allowed Giphy back onto its platform after it was removed when users found a racist GIF on the database earlier this month, Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. confirmed to The Verge. Instagram and Snapchat had both pulled Giphy from their platforms, but Instagram reinstated Giphy last week, with stricter moderation. Snapchat confirmed today that it would bring Giphy back since it has upgraded its moderation.

The GIF initially appeared when users searched “crime” on the Giphy database, and it showed a white announcer celebrating the death of people of color while using a racial slur. Giphy has since apologized for the slip-up, and the company says it has combed through its database several times to detect any other problematic GIFs. It’s also placed protective measures to prevent future racist GIFs from appearing in its library.

Giphy sources its database from user-uploaded GIFs, but users are prohibited from posting “abusive, obscene, offensive, or vulgar” content, as per the Giphy terms of service. The company told The Verge that the racist GIF was available only because of “a bug in our content moderation filters specifically affecting GIF stickers.” Giphy has since fixed the bug.

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