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Sony’s PS4 Slim now comes with a 1TB hard drive for the same price

Sony’s revamped, slimmer PlayStation 4 console now comes with more built-in storage for the same price. When introduced alongside the PS4 Pro back in September, the $299.99 PS4 Slim included a 500GB hard drive, but that’s being increased to 1TB starting today. Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which can also be had for $299.99, starts at 500GB of storage but several bundles with a 1TB console are available for $349.99.

Aside from a bump in storage and the slightly redesigned DualShock 4 that debuted with the original PS4 Slim, the revised PS4 remains the same. Sony says it will arrive at popular retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop this month.

If you’re looking for Sony’s best home console, that remains the $399.99 PlayStation 4 Pro, which supports 4K gaming and 4K movies thanks to its more powerful internals. Even for people with a 1080p television, the PS4 Pro can offer improved performance with some games. In choosing which to purchase, you should think about whether you plan to upgrade to a 4K TV within the next couple years if you haven’t already made the upgrade to UHD.

Also, remember that both the PS4 and PS4 Pro make it very easy to swap out the built-in hard drive with something larger (or a faster SSD). So the best move might be to find a bargain on the prior 500GB model, depending on how many games you want accessible at all times. But getting more for the same price is never bad. Hopefully the new 1TB hard drive is also coming to the white version of the slimmer PS4 as well.

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