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Spotify app update for iPad finally supports multitasking

The latest update for the Spotify app on the iPad brings long-awaited support for multitasking features, including Split View (which Apple debuted in 2015) and Slide Over modes. You no longer have to open up a full-screen instance of Spotify to find new music, or switch songs via the limited pull-down menu.

To use the Slide Over feature, add Spotify to your iPad dock, then open it while you’re still using a different app. Spotify will launch as a Slide Over view that sits on top of the app that’s currently running. If you want to use the Split View, tap and drag the top of the Spotify view window to the top of the screen. Your screen will then be split between Spotify and your other app; adjust the size to your taste.

This new update was noticed yesterday by Reddit user DeepScaper and should be available if you download Spotify now (or update the app via the App Store). If you’re unsure, look for version; you can check your version number by hitting the gear icon at the top right of the Spotify homepage and then tapping “About.”

iPadOS will launch later in 2019, so this is likely Spotify making some effort (overdue as it is) to make its app more friendly, especially for those who want to use their iPad as a laptop replacement.

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