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Sprint is including free Hulu with its unlimited plan starting November 17th

Sprint just announced that it will be partnering with Hulu to offer free access to Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan for customers on Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan starting on November 17th.

This Sprint / Hulu partnership clearly feels like an attempt to counter similar promotions from T-Mobile, which now bundles free Netflix with its unlimited plans, and AT&T, which has free HBO included with its unlimited service. (Meanwhile, Verizon users get… free Go90?)

As for the details: you’re getting access to Hulu’s $7.99 per month basic service, which includes access to the streaming company’s fairly extensive library of TV shows. According to the fine print, you’re limited to “one Hulu Limited Commercials plan per eligible Sprint account,” and it seems like you’ll have to manually opt in for the offer when it starts on November 17th on Sprint’s website.

Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan costs $60 a month for a single line and includes unlimited 1080p HD video streaming — although like unlimited plans on every other carrier, there is a soft cap of data you can use in a month, after which Sprint will deprioritize your data use during times of congestion. (In Sprint’s case, that’s 23GB per month.)

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