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Stan and Qantas team up for free in-flight TV and movie streaming

With its superfast inflight Wi-Fi set to take off in the coming weeks, Qantas has joined forces with Aussie streaming-service Stan to sweeten the deal for passengers travelling on its domestic 737 aircraft.

Along with the promise of an exciting destination to fly to (Dubbo, here we come), a free three-month subscription to Stan will be included with every fare, meaning passengers will be able to keep watching their favourite TV shows and movies long after they’ve landed.

Customers flying on Qantas’ Wi-Fi enabled Boeing 737 planes will receive a unique code that they can use while going through the subscription process.

Stan joins Netflix, Foxtel and Spotify on Qantas’ growing list of content partners, though you’ll be able to use Stan for three times as long as Netflix and Spotify, and ten times longer than Foxtel’s three-day Qantas pass.

Though Qantas’ new inflight Wi-Fi system is right around the corner for its 737s, the airline will roll the service out on the rest of its domestic A330 and B737 aircraft from mid-year.

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