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Star Trek: Discovery’s season 2 trailer teases Spock, Christopher Pike, and Tig Notaro

CBS held a big panel Friday for the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Discovery, offering the first look at the upcoming season of the show on CBS All Access.

Star Trek Discovery launched last year on the channel’s much-maligned digital platform, and was a new look for the Trek franchise: it broke a number of the series’ traditional conventions, and ended up being a much darker show than previous series installments, a move that has divided the fandom. The show, set about a decade before the original 1966 Star Trek aboard the eponymous USS Discovery, follows the disgraced Starfleet officer Michael Burnham after she’s found guilty of mutiny, stripped of her rank, and sent to space jail. When her services are abruptly commandeered by an unorthodox captain (Jason Isaacs), she struggles to redeem herself, a journey that includes traveling with the Discovery’s crew to a Mirror Universe and encountering a brutal version of their world.

The trailer reveals a bit more of what to expect from the upcoming season, which appears to begin with Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) coming aboard and taking control of the USS Discovery after a series of mysterious “red bursts” are detected, simultaneously spread out across 30,000 light years. Burnham later claims “Spock is linked to these signals.” New series guest star Tig Notaro makes a very Tig Notaro joke, Pike encourages the crew to “have a little fun,” Tilly yells about “the power of math” — a good time, in other words. (After all, the whole thing is set the tune of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away,” so you know it’s real.) Bonus: at the end we meet another, very sniffly alien Discovery crew member, proving Saru and the bridge androids aren’t the sole non-humans aboard the ship, as we once feared.

Season 2 is slated to premiere sometime in early 2019.

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