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T-Mobile's latest Uncarrier move is giving customers part of the company

What’s more “Uncarrier” than giving customers a piece of their mobile network? That’s what T-Mobile is essentially doing with Uncarrier 11, which it’s also calling Stock Up. John Legere the rest of T-Mobile’s squad claim this is “something no other publicly traded company has done before at this scale.” So, how’s it work? Well, the late breaking rumors were pretty much right on point. The primary account holder on each postpaid account (your plan must include voice service) will receive a single share in T-Mobile US. “You spend hard earned money on us,” Legere said during the announcement event. “You should benefit too.”

You get that stock by claiming it through the new T-Mobile Tuesdays app, which will also be home to giveaways from Fandango, Major League Baseball, Lyft, StubHub, and other companies. You can also get a free Domino’s pizza, a Wendy’s Frosty, and Vudu rental every week. On Tuesday, naturally. That stuff is open to all postpaid, prepaid, and business accounts. You download the app, complete a verification process involving a PIN, and have a shot at recurring gifts every week. “Free food, free movie tickets, free gift cards, free subscriptions, free ride-sharing, and more” are some of what T-Mobile claims customers can expect to receive. “There are no tiers, no status rankings,” said T-Mobile SVP Mike Sievert. “It’s just ‘thank you.”

The financial end of things is being handled by electronic brokerage firm Loyal3, where you’ll need to set up a (free) account to redeem the $TMUS share. You can grow your tiny, tiny, tiny “ownership” in T-Mobile by recommending new customers. If they stick around, you’ll be gifted further shares — up to 100 per year. It’s a very we’re-all-in-this-together concept as T-Mobile, now the third largest mobile provider in the United States, seeks to continue its running momentum. You won’t have any say in anything that the company does, but you’ll have a minuscule stake in its continued success. T-Mobile’s most loyal customers (those who’ve been with the company for at least five years) will receive two shares in the company through the end of this year.

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