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The crazy way you can extend the range of your car key fob

This one sounds so preposterous, it will surely strike you as nonsense — but it really works.

When you hold your car’s remote control against your head, you can lock and unlock your doors from much farther away. Depending on the car model and your body composition, you may gain as much as 90 additional feet of range (about six car lengths).

When this tip is passed around online, people usually suggest holding the fob under your chin. But you’ll probably find that something fleshy, like your cheek, works better than something bony.

That’s because behind the scenes — or, rather, inside the scenes — the fluids of your head act as a conductor. Your body becomes part of the antenna — a much bigger one. If you’re old enough to remember when TV sets had “rabbit ears” antennas, you may recall that you sometimes got the clearest picture when you were touching the antenna. Same principle here.

Extend your key fob’s wireless range. Now if only the same thing worked for extending the range of our cellphones…

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