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The Lost Boys anthology TV show in the works from the creator of Veronica Mars

Two of the biggest trends in television right now are movie reboots and anthology shows, so of course The CW wants to mash them up for an adaptation of the 1980s vampire flick The Lost BoysDeadline reports that the network is in development on the project, which comes from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

Where the original film took place in the (then-present day) 1980s, Thomas has a much grander vision. Each season would feature the same group of vampires, but would take place in a different decade — the first season will be set in San Francisco in 1967, during the “Summer of Love” — with a potential seven-season run covering 70 years in total. The setting, timeframe, and human characters, however, would change, allowing the show to explore one of the most interesting things about vampire mythology: what it is like to be immortal, and how living that kind of life decade after decade changes the ways in which you see the world.

Thomas, who also spawned the 90210 reboot, has most recently been working with The CW on his show iZombie. While The Lost Boys project is still in development, the network certainly has reason to move forward: it’s going to have a massive vampire-sized hole in its lineup when The Vampire Diaries ends after its upcoming last season.

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