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The President’s TV remote on Air Force One is the URC MX-3000, and now I feel a little bad

Everyone loves talking about what phone Donald Trump uses (purportedly a Samsung Galaxy S3), but what’s his TV remote situation like? Photo journalist John Bodnar recently got a picture of Trump in his office on Air Force One.

As nerds, the 90s sci-fi prop on the left was an automatic object of curiosity.

My first inclination was it looked like an N-Gage, but that wasn’t right. I was pretty sure it was a TV remote, but which one? Well, after a bit of scrolling through Google Image Search, I found this classic of the home automation market, Universal Remote Control’s MX-3000.

URC is notorious for building the sort of fragile, complicated, only-installable-by-professionals products that fill the homes of rich people with overpriced IR blasters. And, apparently, at least one desk on Air Force One. The MX-3000 remote itself is super programmable, and can function as a classic TV remote or have pre-programmed buttons that launch macros (like, turn on the TV and switch to Fox News, for a theoretical example).

TV remotes like this typically work perfectly day one, and then something goes wrong and you have to call a professional back in to reprogram the system. The MX-3000 is at least a decade old, and responsible for countless interruptions to the luxurious lifestyles its buyers otherwise enjoy. And apparently helped a couple presidents find their way to CNN.

Maybe the next Air Force One can cut costs on installer fees and invest in something a little more modern. Might I suggest the Harmony Elite?

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