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The updated Nokia 6 is now available in the US

HMD Global is bringing the updated Nokia 6 to the US for $269.99, after launching it in China back in January, via Android Central.

The original Nokia 6 marked the brand’s return to the US under the stewardship of HMD, albeit as a decidedly budget experience. The updated model looks to improve on the original in a number of ways, with a better Snapdragon 630 processor (instead of the Snapdragon 430 on the original), an upgrade from Micro USB to USB-C, and 4GB of RAM.

The rest of the 2018 model of the Nokia 6 remains more or less the same as last year’s version, with the same unibody aluminum design, chunky bezels, and poor camera.

The Nokia 6 is available now unlocked at Amazon and Walmart.

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