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These gaming headphones come with a neck twist

Gaming headsets meet gyroscopes and accelerometers on a new Kickstarter project called the Booster One. Borrowing the split-headband design of modern classics like the Sennheiser HD25, and using the now-ubiquitous aluminum for their construction, the Booster Ones aren’t all that unusual in their looks. Where they differ from most is in tracking the motions of your head and using them to perform in-game actions.

Booster One headphones

Sixth Sense Technology

If you’ve always dreamed of using your neck to do something more productive than just keeping your head from falling off, these might be just the ticket. The Kickstarter page shows off a few usage scenarios, such as switching weapons or activating abilities by turning left or right, but the most compelling among them seems to be scrolling the map on strategy games. Everything else just looks unnatural and probably uncomfortable over longer periods of time.

I like that this Kickstarter project is being run by a group of five young guys who are obviously enthusiastic about gaming, but that’s also what makes me hesitant to endorse the product. They’ll presumably have to code compatibility with each game themselves, and the challenges of procuring reliable suppliers and manufacturing partners are not to be underestimated. It’s one thing to build a few rough prototypes and produce a fun campaign video, and it’s a whole other matter to turn that into a retail reality.

The Booster One will cost a not insignificant $349 should it ever wind its way to retail shelves, but you can still get the super early bird price of $199 today. You’ll just have to be patient until the anticipated August shipping date (and optimistic about everything working out, but that’s always the way with Kickstarter).

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