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This animated short is the perfect mix of Indiana Jones and Akira

If you’ve ever wanted to see a mashup of animated cyberpunk action and the archeological thrills of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, short film X-Story has it all. There’s cybernetic arms, fantastic lost cities, exciting plot twists, and above all, some beautiful animation.

The short was created by Moscow-based animator Vitaliy Shushko, who worked with a team for over two years to finish it. The story follows an unnamed treasure hunter with a bionic arm who sets off in search of an ancient city.

There’s a video game quality to this 13 minute story: the map that leads the character on his quest to some of the action sequences that challenge him along the way. Above all, this is a beautiful short film, from the world that lurks in the background to the character and city designs, and it’s well worth the time to take in.

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