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This portable smart scooter might be better than your car

This isn’t your average scooter.

It’s the brainchild of the co-founder of Mophie and was a big hit at CES Unveiled. The Internet-connected scooter is called Immotor Go and has carlike features, like turn-by-turn directions and cruise control.

It’s not only superportable and easy to use but energy-efficient. It uses what the company calls a Super Battery that runs on a revolutionary new green power. You can get a 20-mile ride out of one charge. The battery can also charge other things like your laptop.

Your smartphone fits easily onto the handlebar, and by using its companion app you can use navigation, control your music and dim or brighten a headlight.

The high-tech scooter doesn’t come cheap, though — it will run you $1,500. But you have till June to save up.

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