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Tidal partners with rights clearance startup Dubset to stream DJ sets and remixes

The rights clearance startup Dubset announced today it will begin streaming DJ sets and remixes on Tidal. Spotify and Apple Music partnered with Dubset back in 2016, which expanded their catalogs to include remixes and bootlegs that were previously excluded.

By partnering with labels, publishers, and streaming services, Dubset is trying to make it easier for producers and DJs to legitimatize and capitalize on their work. The startup analyzes remixes to identify original tracks, and then pays out the rights holders, while allowing producers to legally clear their samples.

Most recently, Dubset finalized deals with Sony Music and the indie distribution company Merlin to expand its library of tracks. Dubset is reportedly working on similar deals with UMG and Warner Music.

SoundCloud, formerly a favorite of DJs and producers, has seen its popularity dwindle in recent months, after experimenting with ads and premium accounts, and failing to pay artists and rights holders for their work. Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal all agreeing to partner with Dubset is indicative of a shift in how the music industry views remixes and mashups.

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