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Tote Your Tots Safely With These Feature-Rich Car Seats: Clek and Cybex

Your child’s car seat can be as technologically advanced as your luxe Euro sedan.

Clek Foonf

Best For: Toddlers whose parents are terrible drivers

The smallest tykes require the greatest protection, and Clek builds impressive safety into its versatile seat. In rear-facing mode, it accommodates kids as old as 3. When Junior’s big enough, Foonf flips around. In both configurations, an aluminum honeycomb core sucks the wind out of a head-on crash by absorbing the brunt of the collision. After all, crumple zones aren’t just for Volvos. | $460

Cybex Solution Q2-fix

Best For: Older kids not yet ready to ride shotgun

When your pride and joy outgrows the toddler seat, you’ll need a booster (for how long varies by state). Many are about as effective as plopping a kid on a phone book, but this adjustable Cybex can grow along with your child—the backrest flexes to 11 different height and width combinations. Also, the wings that jut from the sides are beefed up to protect against side impacts. | $260

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