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Trump’s tweets will be preserved by the US National Archives

The White House has assured the National Archives and Records Administration that it will be keeping every single one of President Donald Trump’s tweets, including his Twitter musings that contain misspellings and the ones he later on deletes. According to ABC News, archive head David S. Ferriero informed two Democratic senators last week that the Trump’s tweets are being preserved for posterity, so future generations can revel in the president’s peculiar and unprecedented use of Twitter as an art form and governing tool.

The White House only agreed to the request after Ferriero’s office contacted the Trump administration to remind it of the Presidential Records Act and the duty it has to preserve Trump’s public communications. Those include the tweets he sends out under his @realDonaldTrump handle that are often then echoed by the official @POTUS account. Trump or one of his aides is often tasked with reviewing what the president blasts out on Twitter and correcting any mistakes. Notably, Trump mispelled the word “honored” in a tweet just three minutes before he took the oath of office. The tweet was later deleted.

Ferriero’s letter to Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper was aimed at reassuring the two Democrats that the White House wasn’t trying to skip out on its responsibility to transparency. Beyond Twitter, there’s been a rising concern in Washington that Trump and members of his administration are communicating using older, less secure devices, as well as relying on private email accounts to prevent conversations from leaking to journalists. Trump notably used an unsecured Android smartphone in the early days of his presidency, and only just last week switched to an iPhone.

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